Do Floorwise offer an installation warranty?

Yes we offer a minimum of 12-month installation warranty on all projects.

Do Floorwise do domestic work?

Yes, Floorwise complete many domestic projects each week.

Will Floorwise send out samples in the post?

Yes, we offer a full next day postal service throughout WA.

Do Floorwise guarantee its products?

Yes, durability of your products is of vital importance to us. We only use the best materials on the market, products which have proven durability and come with extensive warranties.

Can Floorwise give previous project references?

Yes, Floorwise have references available that you may review.

Will Floorwise travel for projects in remote locations?

Yes, we have professional teams of layers throughout WA and specialise in remote installations like oil rigs and remote mine sites.

Estimating FAQs

What type of flooring estimating do you offer?

Floorwise’s specialty is in commercial flooring and we also do domestic projects. We have extensive experience estimating for large commercial projects throughout Australia, in remote and metro regions.

Can you split the areas for multiple phases/stages?

Yes! We can break down any areas for phases/stages - simply let us know what you'll need.

Do you only take blueprints or can I send a hand drawing?

Yes you can send us hand drawings, however we will need to site measure before a final quote can be given.

Can you recommend the best format to send our plans to Floorwise?

We prefer getting the plans electronic, CD or hard copy.

If plans are not to scale (NTS), can you scale them?

Yes, as long as there are measurements on the plan.

What reports do I receive?

Please send one of our professional consultants the floor plans of the area requiring flooring and we handle everything from there – we then begin with estimating the most cost effective, highest quality products and installation for your project.

If the carpet has odd shapes, pattern repeats, circles, borders, can you estimate that?

Of course! We have extensive experience in estimating and can accurately estimate any odd shaped floor plan.

What if there are some changes to the flooring layout or materials?

Our experienced consultants will treat this as a change order and will modify the quote. A variation order form will be completed by us and sent over to you for change and amount confirmation. This way you always know what you'll be paying for. Upon your acceptance, we will treat it as a regular change order and add it to the final invoice.

What file format will the reports have?

Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Guarantee FAQs

What do you guarantee?

We guarantee that our estimations are accurate and correct.  That the material estimated will be sufficient for the required areas and your complete satisfaction with our services.

What are the Terms of Agreement?

Contract Terms of Agreement

When using Floorwise commercial Flooring, you agree to comply with all of the Contract Terms of Agreement.

1. SERVICE HOURS: Total amount of hours required to complete a project will be communicated to you, prior to servicing.




Quotes and Pricing FAQs

Do you really provide an upfront FREE quote?

Yes! Once we receive your files, we will evaluate the time it would take to estimate and provide you with a FREE upfront quote for your estimate.

What are the payment methods we can access and can we pay you direct using a credit card?

Yes we accept Mastercard and Visa Card Payments **(additional charges apply)

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