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Floorwise uses a Quality System as a means of assessing and improving performance in all aspects of our operations.

safety gear1The Company has a team of experienced Estimators and Project Managers capable of delivering a product to the satisfaction of its clients.

All personnel are committed to supporting the Floorwise quality health and safety management practices.

To maintain quality standards, the Company’s procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure the system continues to be the most appropriate for its business and is effective in achieving its objectives. The achievement of quality objectives is a key aspect of operations and our aim is to complete all projects on budget, on time, to specification and to exceed expectations.

Current performance indicates that the quality system has assisted Floorwise to achieve its objective of successfully tendering for work throughout Western Australia.

In essence, our Quality System allows measurement and assessment of performance and a culture of continual improvement.

Specific site safety training is included in the Site Induction that is presented to all people working on company projects. The induction includes information about the specific project (including identified risks and their controls) and general health and safety information that is required for work on the site.

Safety performance is continuously analysed and our procedures detail the responsibilities of all staff in analysing health and safety performance and how they can contribute to its improvement.

We are proud of our safety performance and continually analyse it with the aim of eliminating risk of injury to staff.


Floorwise have a detailed professional Safety Management System (SMS) to manage and maintain the highest level of safety for every project. Every project is managed with a detailed risk management policy, safety targets and reporting processes, procedures for audit, investigations, remedial actions, and safety education for every member of the Floorwise team. The policies contained in the SMS are about the importance of safety, Floorwise’s responsibility for safety functions, ensuring the highest level of performance is consistently achieved. To be effective, these are a part of everyday practice.

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Please review our product safety information sheets that contain information on products, Floorwise emergency procedures and our safe handling procedures.

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