Floor Preparation

The key to having the right surface - whether a new concrete coating or resurfacing - is professional state-of-the art preparation. Good preparation requires a very high quality of understanding and workmanship and we at Floorwise are confidently proud to say that we are the best in this trade.

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People find it difficult to remove vinyl, carpets, timber, bamboo, and ceramic tiles installed on concrete floors. We will make it easy for you, as Floorwise are the floor preparation experts based in Perth. We have the experience required to identify adhesives and know the best process to remove them in the most efficient manner.


Adhesives or glues can be as hard as rock when it has been there on your concrete floors for years. Floorwise (Floor experts in Perth) has special equipment and products for these problems and we do things right. We use our experience and know-how in identifying the type of adhesive used and which process is the best way to remove the material.


Concrete flooring is meant to be completely flat. This ensures that when the floor receives the covering of your choice, you should not see uneven areas or high spots. Unevenness is amplified especially when the floor receives vinyl.

Delays can also arise when owners find out that the floor is not immediately ready for floor coverings. Especially with tightly scheduled projects, delays can be very costly. Floorwise - the leading concrete grinding experts in Perth - can provide solutions that avoid costly delays in your work schedule.

Our solutions to removing unevenness or high spots in concrete flooring are self-leveling compounds and dust-free diamond grinding. We are very happy to give you expert advice. Contact us now.

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