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Epoxy Flooring & Anti Slip Coatings

In large public spaces, auto shops, hospitals, restaurants, and other settings where spills and heavy traffic are the norm, you can’t go wrong with an epoxy floor. Along with being affordable and low-maintenance, epoxy floor coating is also tough enough to handle the challenges other flooring materials can’t. Commercial epoxy coating is about as versatile a choice as you can make for your business. No matter what purpose you need it to serve, Floorwise will help you find an industrial epoxy flooring option to suit your space and all of its unique demands.

Epoxy Flooring Benefits

While no type of floor is appropriate for every setting, epoxy offers a number of benefits that make them the best choice for many commercial and industrial spaces:


Compared to other common choices, epoxy holds up better to heavy and continuous traffic.


“Low” is almost an understatement. Epoxy flooring requires little more than sweeping and mopping to look its best.


Under the right circumstances, epoxy coating can be marred or marked. With the right mix and coating for your setting, though, your installation will be extremely abrasion resistant.


In addition to being super resistant to physical abrasions, epoxy also holds up to harsh chemical spills. Where other types of flooring might be damaged, epoxy survives.


Unlike most flooring finishes including concrete installations, epoxy surfaces are installed in one single, unbroken layer. A new epoxy floor is continuous surface from wall to wall.


Epoxy flooring has no seams for water to penetrate, so it remains waterproof in situations where other floorings fail.


In commercial kitchens and medical environments, epoxy’s seamless, non-porous surface is a good choice for food and health safety.


In areas where liquid can potentially collect or spill, additives in epoxy floors give them texture to prevent skids and slips. This protects people from injury and helps prevent property damage, too.


Epoxy floor coatings come in a wide range of colors and styles. Your new floor can be customised with patterns or even your company’s logo.

Epoxy Flooring Options

Considering epoxy for an upcoming flooring installation? The beauty of epoxy is not only in its practicality but in it’s versatility of style. You can create almost any design and look you desire. The design team at Floorwise can guide and add value to your design process and help you decide which, if any, is the best choice for your installation:

Non-slip flooring is popular in commercial kitchens and garages and works well in outdoor applications. Where a non-slip floor coating is preferred, grit is added to the resin mix to create a surface with extra grip. If you’re building or renovating an area where spills and skids are an everyday threat, a textured epoxy floor treatment is one of the market’s safest solutions. Finish your existing concrete floors with textured epoxy to prevent accidents, reduce maintenance and improve appearances at the same time!

Anti-static epoxy coating can literally be a lifesaver in some scenarios! Anti-static epoxy flooring is a perfect choice for any areas where a single spark could harm people or property. Settings where electronics are manufactured or sensitive chemicals get processed are particularly good candidates for anti-static floor coating.

Clear concrete floor coating is the best choice for those who want the performance of epoxy whilst maintaining the raw appeal of natural concrete. Clear epoxy floor coating is applied directly on top of the existing surface, creating a waterproof, seamless dirt free layer of protection. Concrete epoxy coating is best applied to new undamaged concrete surfaces. Sometimes mistakenly used to repair deteriorating concrete, unfortunately, it’s bond and protective qualities cannot be guaranteed as the unstable concrete can break away from the resin.

Decorative epoxy flooring Floorwise’s skill in working with decorative epoxy finishes enables them to create impressive finishes that resemble metal surfaces, marbling and liquid like effects. Decorative chips can be added to the mix to achieve even more custom effects.

Choose Floorwise for Epoxy Coating Installation

Floorwise is your first choice for flooring solutions in Western Australia. Our work can be seen in some of Perth’s most recognizable structures, including most recently Perth Stadium and the WA Museum. We offer unparalleled service at every stage of the project. The earlier you engage Floorwise, the better we can help you create the right floor for your situation. Our experts will give you clear options up front and offer informed answers to any questions you might have. At completion, you’ll have a floor that looks great, fits your budget, and performs its job for years to come.