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Seamless Flooring Installation Contractors Perth

Seamless flooring is one of the most practical options for floors in large public spaces, workshops, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and other places where spills, heavy foot traffic are common and ease of maintenance is paramount. The almost unlimited options of colours and styles along with its’ economical value makes seamless floors a popular choice.

There are a number of options to consider when choosing the right floor for your project. The experts at Floorwise are here to help you weigh your options. With our vast knowledge of products and their application requirements you will be given the expertise, care and attention so that when you are ready, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to make an informed decision on a floor that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Benefits of Seamless Floors

Seamless floors are typically composed of a continuous top layer of epoxy over a sturdy base—often concrete. They are quick to install and are a feasible option in nearly any space. In commercial and industrial settings, a seamless floor offers benefits other flooring materials don’t:


Other than sweeping and mopping, seamless floors require no regular maintenance


Seamless flooring finishes are designed to hold up to massive amounts of traffic


Resin floors can handle harsh chemicals that would damage other floors
The continuous resin surface is non-porous and waterproof in all weather


Bacteria that can penetrate porous surfaces and the grout between tiles cannot penetrate a resin seamless surface

Seamless Flooring Additives, Enhancements, and Coatings

Before it is applied, different additives can be put into the resin mix to create a desired look or texture. Optional top layers can also be applied to a finished seamless flooring installation.

Clear Coatings – A clear coat is just what it says: a transparent layer that goes on top of your floor to protect the resin layer underneath. Some clear coats are formulated to add or reduce glossiness. Many clear coats are designed to block UV (ultraviolet) light. Much like a sunscreen’s SPF, different UV clear coatings provide varying levels of protection. Choosing the right one can mean the difference between colours that stay vibrant for decades and ones that can potentially bleach and fade after 5 or 10 years.

Flake, Chips, and Fleck – Though they go by different names, each of these describes an additive used to change the aesthetic look of your floor. Metallic flecks can make your seamless floor look like a solid expanse of marble or granite. Color chips and flakes add a splash of life to resin floors and can be customised to complement any setting’s color palette.

Safety Enhancements – Seamless flooring is the preferred choice in settings where certain safety concerns are present. Textured grit can be added to the top layer of resin to create anti-slip flooring. Anti-slip floor surfaces are great for restaurants and hospitals where they protect visitors, employees, and property. They may even offer property owners protection from lawsuits. Static dissipative, low charge generating, and anti-static are all terms referring to the same safety enhancement. In clean rooms, labs, chemical facilities, and other places where a spark can be disastrous, anti-static coatings may be requirement rather than just an attractive option.

Installing Seamless Floors Over Existing Concrete

One of the best things about resin flooring is that it can be installed over concrete that’s already there. Seamless floor treatments are non-porous, and perfect to protect existing floors from stains and water penetration. The absolute most important factor in any floor installation is the preparation of the surface it’s applied over. For existing concrete, that can mean a significant amount of grinding, priming, and prepping. Unfortunately, some concrete is too damaged/deteriorated to be a good candidate for this type of update. Our flooring professionals will be able to advise if an existing concrete floor can be used as a base for resin treatment, and how much work it will take to prepare.

Choose Floorwise for Seamless Floor Installation

Floorwise offers architects, developers, and other professionals the very best in service and flooring installation options. Our team has worked on some of Western Australia’s most prominent buildings, including the WA Museum and Perth Stadium. We have aligned ourselves with only the best products and suppliers. With their technical support it has enabled us to produce the quality of workmanship with warrantees to match. This has been apparent with the clients we have become preferred contractors for. Contact us early to make sure your project starts strong, looks great, and finishes on time and on budget.

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