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Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring, A Smart Flooring Solution

Terrazzo – from the Italian word for “terrace” – is a flooring style known for its durability, aesthetics and sustainability. Having been used for over 1,500 years, terrazzo floors have stood the test of time. Now thanks to industry advancements in flooring technology, Floorwise is proud to offer epoxy terrazzo floors – a modern twist on the ageless elegance and durability of terrazzo, at a more economical price point.

What is Epoxy Terrazzo?

Floorwise applies modern techniques to traditional terrazzo flooring to deliver an epoxy resin-based system that has greater finish options, increased durability, reduced maintenance, and more affordability. Our finished product is lighter in weight and more resistant to wearing or cracking over time. Our new advancements in terrazzo installation also means our product is more flexible so there is no need for expansion joints, ensuring a truly seamless finish.

Our epoxy terrazzo flooring is made up of 70% aggregate, which is poured within a resin binder. The aggregate options include recycled marble chips, glass, granite, shells, or even plastic, which makes our epoxy terrazzo flooring as environmentally-friendly as it is stylish and durable.

The versatility of epoxy terrazzo is limitless, and our expert staff work closely with clients to help select the right design for their projects. Aggregate and epoxy binders are available in a multitude of colours, giving designers, architects and builders a limitless range of possibilities. Perhaps most exciting is our ability to incorporate customized features such as company logos, branding, school crests, emblems, or decorative artwork. Floorwise can help bring any design vision to life.

Our epoxy terrazzo flooring is the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications, including schools, educational institutions, airports, hospitals, hotels, museums, galleries, government buildings, corporate offices, stadiums, retail and entertainment venues. Contact us to discuss how your project or business can benefit from our industry-leading epoxy terrazzo floors.

Key Features of Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring


A true testament to its durability, epoxy terrazzo floors usually last the entire lifespan of a structure. Our epoxy terrazzo is composed of aggregate set within a matrix of a resin binder, and this combination of materials has outstanding durability. Epoxy terrazzo is also resistant to abrasion, acid, chemicals and stains, providing even more longevity to the product.


Epoxy terrazzo has unlimited colour and design options giving it flexibility like no other flooring surface. The epoxy can be tinted to most RAL and Pantone colours, and aggregate chips are available in a huge array of colours as either recycled marble, glass, shells and plastic. Finished floors are also resistant to colour fading.

Thanks to Floorwise’s highly skilled designers and installers, we can also incorporate customised features in the floor to showcase a company logo, branding, crest or emblem, or integrate unique design elements.

Our poured-in-place system can achieve the most imaginative design possibilities. This versatility allows for a functional element too – different colours, features, or decorative elements can indicate separate sections or provide directional indicators.

Being market leaders, Floorwise also offers the world’s first glow-in-the-dark epoxy resin system. It adds an extra vibrance when the lights are off. This groundbreaking material not only provides a unique feature, it also offers wayfinding assistance to help those with vision impairment or venues with limited power or natural light.

For companies and venues wanting to make a statement with their flooring, epoxy terrazzo is the perfect option.


We know that safety is paramount for all clients. Our epoxy terrazzo floors are non-slip, sanitary and fire-proof. They’re also chemical, mould, and mildew resistant, making it the perfect flooring solution for clients who require hygienic conditions like restaurants, hospitals and other public health venues. Our finished terrazzo is also stain-resistant, acid-proof, and abrasion resistant, ensuring an even higher degree of safety and longevity.


Epoxy terrazzo is an environmentally responsible flooring choice. We pride ourselves on incorporating a high amount of renewable materials and high-quality recycled aggregate.

Due to the durability of the product, epoxy terrazzo can withstand high foot traffic for prolonged periods of time without cracking or needing replacement, therefore reducing its environmental impact.

Our epoxy products also contain zero volatile organic compounds which eliminates off-gassing and pollution during production and installation, which makes Floorwise epoxy a smart choice for the environment.


Floorwise epoxy terrazzo floor costs are surprisingly low, especially when calculated over the life of the building. Routine maintenance includes damp mopping and occasional buffing, which means it’s low-maintenance as well as low-cost to maintain.

Choose Floorwise for Epoxy Terrazzo Installation

Floorwise leads the way in innovative flooring and installation. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and unrivalled customer service to provide the best experience from estimation right through to completion. Our commitment to seeking new industry advances, and providing high-quality and cost-effective flooring solutions sets us apart from the rest.

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