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Since Floorwise was established it’s taken the correct steps to be the best at what it sets out to achieve. Not only for the client and Floorwise but for the flooring industry.

Floorwise have now branched into Mechanical Expansion Joints and Waterproofing, both of which coincide with the other flooring products we specialize in such as tile, stone, timber, carpet and vinyl.

We thought being a one stop shop in all flooring aspects of the construction industry makes sense not only to us but also our vast client network.

To support this new arm to our company we have acquired an experienced team of staff who have been involved in some of the biggest projects in Australia’s history. Not only in WA but interstate as well.

Expansion joints are an integral part of large projects which need to have not only experienced technical people to install them but also have knowledge and support of the correct product suppliers. Floorwise has this support and works closely with our suppliers to help develop products further to achieve the demands of new designs in today’s market.

Waterproofing goes hand in hand with flooring and has so many application requirements in the construction industry. Our team at Floorwise have many years’ experience and technical knowledge in the preparation that goes into all flooring projects.

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