AcoustaMat 850RG Density Timber

The “RG” in AcoustaMat 850RG stands for re-grind, a rubber by-product of the manufacturing process of our rubber products. By using a percentage (approx. 30%) of re-grind rubber in our AcoustaMat, we are ensuring no rubber ever goes to waste from our manufacturing facility. Testing has confirmed that 850 density rubber underlay is just as effective as similar cork and rubber combinations, and while cork and rubber may be more recognised by the industry, we recommend re-grind underlay where possible for greater environmental responsibility. By using our re-grind underlay, you are also supporting an A1 Rubber environmental initiative to ensure none of our products end up in landfill.

Under many variatios of timber flooring, our recommendation is AcoustaMat 850RG, as an underlay with high acoustic and vibration dampening performance.

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