Calcium Sulfate Access Flooring Panel

VH80 panel with core made from a mixture of anhydrous calcium sulphate reinforced with organic fibres free of asbestos and any toxic materials. Panel with elevated resistance to mechanical strain and fire, excellent sound-deadening properties and minimal propagation of impact noise. Thanks to its characteristic stability of form and dimension this type of panel is also able to guarantee that the floor is hard-wearing.

Processing is performed with grinding of the entire panel already backed with the surface so as to make it all perfectly suitable for the attachment of the self-extinguishing perimetral edge. The last step is to bevel the surface finish.


Technical Description:

Reaction to Fire: Class 1 

Electrical Resistance: â‰¤ 2x10E10 ohm

Sound Deadening Power ≥ 38 db

Density: 1800 Kg/m3

Dimensional Variation (after 24 hours immersion in water): â‰¤0.3%

Heat Conductivity When Dry 0.44 w/m2k

Weight of Panel (With Finish in Resilient Material/Laminate:±15.5 Kg

Weight of Panel per SQ.M.(With Finish in Resilient Material/Laminate): ±42.6 Kg



  • Gypsum contains approximately 21% water content and about 79 % calcium sulphate which is inert below a temperature of 120° C.
  • Solid gypsum and gypsum rock is calcium sulphate hemihydrate, CaSO4.%H20, produced from dehydration and re- hydration of a mineral crystal.
  • The two water molecules are chemically bound with Calcium Sulphate. The bound crystalline moisture content plays a significant role in excellent fire resistance properties.
  • When Gypsum is heated in fire, dehydration follows the reaction as solid gypsum starts to degrade, loses its water molecules and is eventually transformed back to the powdery material of calcium sulphate .
  • Green calcium sulfate floor wrapped around an inner core is mainly gypsum. calcium sulfate semi-aqueous form (CaSO4. half water) a paper lining
  • gypsum fiber (typically paper and / or glass fiber) mixed with foaming agent. various additives. increase mildew and fire resistance. and water and then caught in the two heavy paper or fiberglass mat core of wet plaster the formation.
  • glass fiber and shrink inhibitors give limited shrinkage and improve the integrity of the board. Fire prevention is much higher.
  • Green calcium sulphate floor meet stringent international standards. fire safety and protection.
  • Floorwise green calcium sulfate up to 4 hours of passive fire for use of its floor area.


Green noise floor is a measure of calcium sulfate evaluation as a common international trade conference closed by the adjacent air space of the sound transmission barrier limit system performance. Therefore, the Conference Board said that the green floor of calcium sulfate as a sound transmission barrier, adjacent to the wall to the ceiling of office behavior, stop the underside of the floor above.
It is available in the adjacent work area acoustic privacy of the special and important measures.
Calcium sulfate with the green comparison between the floor and another raised floor systems 25 is considered low performance, and calcium sulfate with the green floor 30 is high. 30 is a typical office


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