Steel Cementitious Raised Flooring Panel

Conductive & Antistatic Cementitious Raised Floor

  • Made of high quality steel sheet
  • Light weight cementitious infilled makes panels solid and quiet
  • Electrodeposition cathodic epoxy paint finish for life time protection
  • Completely non-combustible
  • Excellent rolling load & Ultimate load performance
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity
  • Class A flame spread and smoke development rating
  • Interchangeable panel strengths
  • Time-sensitive maintenance
  • Available in 24” and 600mm

Top set trim or rimless panels

  • Top set trim provides a protective edge
  • Rimless panels also available

 Conductive & Antistatic/Dissipative HPL/Vinyl tile

  • Available in many colors
  • Conductive: 2.5×10^4 ~ 1.0×10^6 ohms

 Perforated Panel

  • Provide optimum laminar airflow, without turbulence
  • Up to 20% –65%airflow rate
  • Damper optional

These panels are suitable for a wide range of applications from typical office applications to Computer room, data center,
clean room and telecommunication.


OA-600 steel raised floor is installed with aluminum cross head pedestal, steel flat head pedestal,   die-formed cross head pedestal and low-profile pedestal.




1. Perimeter welds as compared to 40 in earlier design, which greatly improves the panel edge loading capacity.

2. Every Floorwise panel is put into a flatting press and checked for flatness after welding. Floorwise is the only company to go this extra process in order to guarantee a super flat panel.

3. Reverse structural embossments. One at the center intersection of each structural cup. This eliminates the flat areas which are weak spots in early designs. Which helps in the panel ultimate loading capacity.

4. Floorwise panels come with 90 degree deep stretch steel beam corners, filled with high strength cement. And load applied on the panel will be transferred to the panel corners before travelling through the pedestals to the sub-floor.


OA-500 steel panel is made of good quality deep stretch coil steel, which is punched, spot-welded and coated by epoxy powder. The panel is filled iwth foamed cement inside. OA-500 steel raised floor lowest finished floor height is 50mm.

Featured Benefits:

  • Designed specifically for office building
  • Made from non-combustible materials
  • Epoxy powder coated offers lifetime protection
  • Cementitious fill makes panels solid and quiet
  • Superior static, dynamic and ultimate load performance
  • Excellent rolling load performance
  • Easy maintenance and interchangeable panels
  • Class A flame spread and smoke development rating
  • No detrimental effect when attacked by moisture and termites
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity
  • All-steel pedestals provide excellent impact load performance
  • Does not deteriorate with age

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