WPC (Plastic Wood Flooring )

Brief Introduction
WPC is a kind of high-tech environmental green material that is made of wood compositions like wood cellulose and vegetable fiber, thermoplastic like PE and processing aid. As it combines the properties and functions of wood and plastic, it is a kind of new high-tech environmental material that can replace wood and plastic.
As a replacement of wood, WPC can find its applications on gardens, interior and outside walls, floors, guardrail, lotus ponds and pavilions.
It advocates a low-carbon life and calls for protection to the earth.

1. WPC products have the same processing functions as raw wood as it can be nailed, drilled, cut and stick. It is usually connected by nails or screw bolts and has a smooth and fine surface, thus no need for sanding or painting. However, it has a very good adhesive quality for pains, which allows for individual painting based on a personal like.

2. It has some physical properties superior to those of raw wood, such as dimensional stability, no cracks, no bending, no knots, no twills. After added with toners, tectorial membrane, or surface layers, it can be made into all various types of colorful works. Consequently, it does not need regular maintenance.

3. It can meet different requirements in aspects of speciation, size, shape or thickness. Customers can get more choices about works in different designs, colors and wood textures.

4. Its maintenance cost is very low as it has the following features: fire-proof, water-proof, abrasion-proof, moisture-proof, pest-proof, fungi-proof, acid and alkali-resistant, no pollution and no poison.

5.The WPC products have wood-like appearance and a longer life and more hard than plastic. It can be remodeled and high strength, thus energy saving.

6. WPC products have solid quality, light weight, steady temperature and smooth surface. They contains no formaldehyde and other harmful materials, no poison and no pollution.

1. It is water resistant and moisture proof. Consequently, it has save the problems that wood products may encounter , like get decayed or deformation after absorbing too much moisture in a wet environment. Thus it can be applied in to the places where the wood products do not work.

2. It is pest proof, like insects, termites and can have a longer life.

3. It is colorful and can provide different colors to customers. It has the natural wood feeling and texture as well as allows for individual colors based on personal likings.

4. It has good plasticity and it can easily provide products with individual style.

5. It is highly environmental, no poison, no pollution and can be recycled. It contains no benzene and its formaldehyde emission is 0.2, lower than E0 standard and meets the European environmental standard. Also, its recyclability has greatly reduced the consumed quantity of wood material, and it is in line with the national policy of sustainable development policy, thus bringing benefits to the whole society.

6. It is highly fire proof. It can be effectively inflaming retarding and its fire-protection rating reach B1 grade. It will automatically die out when meeting fire and no poisonous gas will be discharged.

7. It has good processing function: it can be nailed, drilled, cut , sawed, stick and painted on surface.

8. It is convenient to install and it has saved many complicated procedures, thus it is time and cost saving.

9. It has no cracks, expansion, deformation and no need for repair and maintenance. It is easy to clean, thus the cost for repair and maintenance is greatly reduced.

10. It is good for sound absorption and energy saving. The inside energy saving rate can reach 30%.


The cleaning and maintenance of interior WPC flooring
1. The fouling or debris can be easily cleaned away by soap, hot water and hard brush. This method is usually used after the WPC flooring is installed.

2. The imprints or marks on the WPC flooring can be washed away with acetone or alcohol.

3. Try to use the flooring cleaners that contains bleaching agents and detergents.

4. The house-use cleaners will be used with hot water to get away the oil stains.

5. The area with chalk marks will be cleaned by the hot soapy water and bleaching agents. The chalk marks is obstinate and cannot be washed. So it is necessary to consider about using white chalks or French chalks on the WPC flooring.

6. Let the ice, calcium chloride or rock salt, all of which can be found in most furniture-maintenance stores, like Home Depot, melt on the floor and clean them away when the ice becomes melt.

7. The hot soapy water is used to clean away ink or oil marks on the flooring.

8. The rust imprints will be cleaned away by the detergents that contain oxalic acid or phosphoryl group. It can reduce the imprints and possibly get them away.

9. Please use the normal rust detergents to get away the pigment deposit pollution by air-slake.

10. According to the instructions on the packing of the bleaching agents, please mix the agents into the hot water to get away alcohol and fruit imprints. Please clean gently and wash them away with hot water.

Product Application:
The WPC garden sites series: guardrails in gardens or balconies, pavilions, long benches, flower pergolas, air-conditioners supports, louvers, wall hanging boards and decoration boards and so on.

WPC is namely the combination of wood and plastic. It not only keep the affinity of the wood, but also has good performance for moisture and water proof, fungi-proof, acid and alkali-resistant, anti-static, and pest proof. It is an innovation in the cooperation between WPC products and wood products. The WPC material that is made out of saw-dusts, straw and wasted plastic has come into the field of decoration and construction. WPC flooring has been the new tendency in the construction material development. WPC, combing the advantages of vegetable fiber and plastic high molecular material, can replace wood material and relief the problem of the forest resources shortage and urgent supply of wood materials. Thus, it is an ecological WPC material that is low carbon, green and recyclable and renewable, having a good prospect for development.

The WPC flooring has become the new developing tendency in the construction material field.
WPC is a newly coming high-tech environmental construction material in recent years and it is also a new comer even at abroad. WPC products can use the raw material from vegetable fibers like wasted plastic, wood, and straw, no harmful material. As it can be recycled, it can really named as a new product that is environmental, energy-saving and recyclable.

As the attention paid to resources protection is increasing, the economy development mode that is focused on waste recycling and comprehensive use of materials has become the trend in the global economy development. The research and development of the technologies that dedicated to the recycling of resources will exert a profound influence on the national economy development and sustainable development of environment. And WPC is the very product that is in line with this trend.

As it has just get a starting in domestic market, WPC products have not been popularized in China. Compared with the market in North America, the WPC material and its associated finished products have a quite broad space for development. It is expected that the output of WPC material will reach one million tons with its value standing at one billion. What's more, a new WPC products series will be formed.

WPC flooring will surely be the main stream in the near future. And for the consumers, WPC flooring is kind of energy-saving and environmental product that can effectively control the emission of harmful material, but also can prevent moisture on the floor.


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