SBR Latex Double Bond Underlays

One of the most important decisions that you can make when you are choosing a commercial carpet is the underlay. Whichever Airstep underlay you choose needs to be as robust as the carpet above. Not only does it need to be tough and hardwearing, but it needs to provide a level of underfoot comfort, so crucial for staff and customers alike.Bridgestones range of SBR latex underlays is designed to provide that toughness and strength with a high level of underfoot comfort. Another important issue when selecting your underlay is, will it extend the life of the carpet? With all Airstep SBR latex double bond underlays, this is a primary function.Bridgestone Airstep SBR latex underlays provide dimensional stability to both geometric and traditional patterned carpets. The carpet and underlay will remain in place even in areas where there is wheel traffic.In addition to these features, your Airstep SBR latex underlay has met stringent VOC requirements and is suitable for use in Green buildings. Noise reduction and thermal transmission are also very important, and are key features of these underlays.All of our Airstep SBR latex underlays are proudly made in Australia from the highest quality raw materials and are covered by a Life of the Carpet warranty by Bridgestone Australia Ltd.

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