Desert AirMaster

DESSO AirMaster® is contributing to an improved indoor air quality in the workplace by capturing and retaining harmful fine dust from the air. Inspired by nature, Desert AirMaster® has a diffused pattern to give a marbled effect to flooring. Thanks to the random pattern on the top layer and a choice of two coloured backgrounds underneath, every carpet tile is different providing endless design opportunities.  Offering a broad range of neutral colours, including three grey shades, a beige, brown and blue tone, Desert AirMaster® can be used to achieve a soft and calming environment.

  • Product code: AA36
  • Colour number: 8834
  • : Desso EcoBase® * – Containing at least 70% C2C positively defined recycled content
  • Construction: Tufted – Structured loop pile
  • Total pile mass: 685 g/m²
  • Dimension: 50x50cm

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