Edges Large

Edges is a new carpet tile design that expresses the genuine honesty of classic woven textile and its positive tactile feel. As a member of the Essentials collection, the look and feel of Edges has also been inspired by time-honoured fabric patterns. And because it offers a choice of delicate and bold structure, you can combine broad brushstrokes with finer detail. Edges Small echoes the warp and weft feel of textile, deliberately emphasising the slight irregularity of a hand woven product. While Edges Large is bolder and more outspoken, reflecting the strong diagonal resonance of a traditional twill weave and its easily recognisable pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Both are available in six shared colours. In addition, Edges Small has another six colours specially selected to complement the shared palette. These two products each have their own strong character and can be used on their own. Since they also share a family resemblance, they are ideally suited together in creative combinations for both aesthetic and functional effects.

  • Product code: B964
  • Colour number: 9950
  • : Desso EcoBase® * – Containing at least 70% C2C positively defined recycled content
  • Construction: Tufted – Structured loop pile
  • Total pile mass: 680 g/m²
  • Dimension: 50x50cm

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