Flotex Calgary

Flotex Bacteria taking inspiration from Sottsass’s ‘Bacterio’ sketch from the 1970’s, this design is open to wide interpretation. Close up it can be perceived as random carnival confetti, from afar it appears as a constellation of distant stars.

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s290001 t590001 sky
s290002 t590002 grey
s290003 t590003 red
s290004 t590004 menthol
s290005 t590005 melon
s290006 t590006 sahara
s290007 t590007 suede
s290008 t590008 saffron
s290009 t590009 moss
s290010 t590010 ash
s290011 t590011 quartz
s290012 t590012 cement
s290013 t590013 caramel
s290014 t590014 lime
s290015 t590015 azure
s290016 t590016 apple
s290017 t590017 crystal
s290018 t590018 fossil
s290019 t590019 carbon
s290020 t590020 toffee
s290021 t590021 aqua
s290022 t590022 condor
s290023 t590023 expresso
s290024 t590024 fire
s290025 t590025 riviera
s290026 t590026 linen
s290027 t590027 amber
s290028 t590028 ginger
s290029 t590029 salmon
s290030 t590030 spa
s290031 t590031 cherry