Flotex Complexity

Flotex Complexity is available in tile only. Whether you choose the more familiar tessellated style or the more unusual brick method, Complexity will add a striking and intriguing effect to any commercial space. The linear design has been created to sit alongside Integrity² for maximum flexibility.

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
t550001 t553001 grey
t550003 t553003 charcoal
t550005 cognac
t550007 t553007 blue
t550009 taupe
t551001 t552001 grey embossed
t551003 t552003 charcoal embossed
t551004 t552004 navy embossed
t551007 t552007 blue embossed
t551010 t552010 straw embossed