Flotex Penang

Flotex Penang offers a stunning look for any modern environment. The Penang tiles create a subtle linear effect and come in a range of rich modern shades.

Flotex tile size 50x50cm.

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
s482001 t382001 anthracite
s482002 t382002 concrete
s482003 t382003 citrus
s482004 t382004 mercury
s482005 t382005 smoke
s482006 t382006 sage
s482007 t382007 zinc
s482008 t382008 tempest
s482009 t382009 mineral
s482010 t382010 evergreen
s482011 t382011 sapphire
s482012 t382012 red
s482013 t382013 berry
s482014 t382014 copper
s482015 t382015 beige
s482016 t382016 coral
s482017 t382017 nimbus
s482018 t382018 bamboo
s482019 t382019 ginger
s482020 t382020 shale
s482021 t382021 silver
s482022 t382022 amber
s482023 t382023 dusk
s482024 t382024 purple
s482025 t382025 forest
s482026 t382026 neptune
s482031 t382031 ash
s482037 t382037 grey
s482044 t382044 gull
s482073 t382073 brick
s482075 t382075 flax
s482108 t382108 pepper
s482114 t382114 chocolate
s482116 t382116 azure