Exploring the persistent body of dense ice, alpine glaciers slowly deform due to the stresses induced by their weight, creating crevasses, seracs and other distinguishing features. Glacier provides a natural foundation for any space and delivers pops of highlight colour through its distinct colour bank of ten colour.

This colour palette features two base colours, a mid-grey and a charcoal. The remaining tiles feature one of the four highlight colours for creating interesting installations on the floor – select from blue, yellow, red or a metallic silver.

Note: the highlight colour on Glacier will not always be featured on the same side of the plank. Some planks feature it on the left, others on the right.

Carpet style: Multi Level Loop

Fibre: Solution Dyed Nylon

Carpet protection: Bioshield, Stain Resistance, Stain Warden®

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Arctic Sapphire
Blizzard Blue
Citrus Avalanche
Crimson Himalayas
Mountain Zest
Nordic Grey
Platinum Frost
Polar Slate
Scarlet Snow
Silver Iceberg