Bioscapes Collection

Nature has always been a muse for art and design. The Bioscapes Collection takes its inspiration from biophilia and biomimicry.

Boasting three carpet patterns inspired by soothing elements found in nature, the collection is designed to bring the harmony of the natural environment into the office. And just like nature, each carpet pattern is diverse in colour and design and never repetitive.

With 12 colourways, it’s ideal for creating an interior that energises, soothes and revitalises.

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
Pure Aqua
Pure Bamboo
Pure Black Berry
Pure Cinnabar
Pure Deep Water
Pure Eucalyptus
Pure Hawthorn
Pure Lotus
Pure Sage
Pure Spa Grey
Pure Wheat Grass
Pure Willow
Relax Aqua
Relax Bamboo
Relax Black Berry
Relax Cinnabar
Relax Deep Water
Relax Eucalyptus
Relax Hawthorn
Relax Lotus