Platform, Mainline & Sidetrack Collection

Introducing new dimensions to the way floors are designed. In addition to square carpet tiles, Ontera now offers plank tiles on a select group of products. Varying sizes are just another way Ontera brings more options and creative control to your projects. Create truly unique installations by mixing colours, tile sizes, direction and products. Browse our current offering of products, ready to be just the shape you need!

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Main Line Battleship Line
Main Line Bisque Line
Main Line Cordovan Line
Main Line Cornsilk Line
Main Line Denim Line
Main Line Hazel Line
Main Line Hemlock Line
Main Line Muscovite Line
Main Line Nubian Line
Main Line Opal Line
Main Line Steel Line
Main Line Stratosphere Line
Platform Battleship
Platform Bisque
Platform Cordovan
Platform Cornsilk
Platform Denim
Platform Hazel