Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat is a response to this desire to reconnect to nature Biophilia.

Humanity‘s innate attraction to nature and the feelings of happiness and comfort the connection evokes are undeniable; we surround ourselves with flora and fauna in even the most urban settings. This concept, called Biophilia, is the impetus behind the creation of Urban Retreat, a collection that explores the beauty of Mother Nature‘s intersection with manmade materials.

Urban Retreat is made up of 9 styles across 3 collections, while some of the patterns in the collection reflect nature‘s organic forms and unique character, others reflect the unadorned simplicity that is the essence of modernisim.

Anchored by a common colour palette of 8 neutrals that reflect the tones of nature.

Construction :Tufted Textured Loop Carpet Tile
Yarn :100% Recycled Type 6 Nylon
Backing :GlasBac®, GlasBac®RE and CushionBac™ available
Size :50 cm x 50 cm

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Clear selection
UR101 Ash Ivy
UR101 Bark Moss
UR101 Charcoal Lichen
UR101 Flax Grass
UR101 Granite Lichen
UR101 Sage Moss
UR101 Stone Ivy
UR101 Straw Grass
UR102 Ash
UR102 Bark
UR102 Charcoal
UR102 Flax
UR102 Granite
UR102 Sage
UR102 Stone
UR102 Straw
UR103 Grass
UR103 Ivy
UR103 Lichen
UR103 Moss