Envisions Base Colours

These two-tone Envisions Base Colours have been produced to form a platform onto which designs using the unique Millitron dye-injection process can be added. Dye-injection technology is a digitally controlled patterning and colouring process which has a significantly higher level of design flexibility compared to most other manufacturing methods, which rely on graphic tufting of pre-coloured y arns to procide the final design and colour.

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

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Base Colours Chino
Base Colours Dusk
Base Colours Fossil
Base Colours Fudge
Base Colours Linen
Base Colours Reef
Base Colours Rustic
Base Colours Smoke
Base Colours Storm
Ibc Aubergine
Ibc Bright Yellow
Ibc Cobalt
Ibc Jet Black
Ibc Lime
Ibc Ocean Deep
Ibc Olive
Ibc Orange
Ibc Oxide
Ibc Purple
Ibc Red Centre
Ibc Ultra Marine
Solid Colours Acacia
Solid Colours Barossa Red
Solid Colours Bronze
Solid Colours Cafe Noir
Solid Colours Caspian
Solid Colours Clear Water
Solid Colours Ebony
Solid Colours Forest Mist
Solid Colours Grey
Solid Colours Heather
Solid Colours Iron Stone
Solid Colours Pinewood
Solid Colours Potters Clau
Solid Colours Sienna