Envisions Coordinates

The random and textural elements observed in nature provided the inspiration that have been interpreted to create the Coordinates range. These elements have been developed into complementary mix and match patterns to offer even more possibilities to design a unique flooring appearance. Each design is available in two versions these can be laid in any combination to vary the design, add a feature, or create a border.


Size 457.2 mm x 457.2 mm (18′ x 18′)
Tile Thickness 7.3mm

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Lamina Blue
Lamina Bronze
Lamina Clay
Lamina Dark
Lamina Gold
Lamina Green
Quake Blue
Quake Bronze
Quake Clay
Quake Dark
Quake Gold
Quake Green
Richter Blue
Richter Bronze
Richter Clay
Richter Dark
Richter Gold
Richter Green
Schism Blue
Schism Bronze