No translation needed, thanks to both its flexibility and resistance to stains, Translations is an enormously popular floor covering for a wide variety of applications, such as retirement facilities, nursing homes, educational and recreational environments, as well as retail spaces.

Available in three patterns and fifteen colours, the superb patterning and structure of Translations adds a great sense of tone and depth, making it perfect for a space that makes demands of form as well as function.

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Clear selection
Alchemy Ginger
Alchemy Obsidian
Lithos Stone Andesite
Lithos Stone Anthracite
Lithos Stone Phyllite
Maze Hocus pocus
Maze Make Believe
Origami Bewitched
Origami Spellbound
Sidecar Bagel
Sidecar Last Call
Sidecar Meter Maid
Tweed Slight of Hand
Tweed Soothsayer