Eternal Material

Eternal Material presents a modern collection of textiles, metals and stones which create a soft, elegant look and feel.

From solid concretes to softer linen and sisal textiles and brushed metals, the Eternal Material range offers a range of visual textures, all with the durability and easy of cleaning associated with our PUR Pearl finish.

Thickness        2 mm
Wearlayer thickness    0.7 mm
Length Width        25 m x 200 cm

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
10012 pebble stucco
10022 loam stucco
10032 fossil stucco
10042 graphite stucco
11342 frost stripe
11372 bamboo stripe
11382 anthracite stripe
11392 silver stripe
12012 quartz stone
12032 coal stone
12042 granite stone
12092 neutral stone
12252 white stone
12422 grey textured concrete
12432 light textured concrete
12442 warm textured concrete
12612 linen textile
12622 sisal textile