Coral Classic

Walking just 2 steps is enough for Coral Classic to absorb up to half the moisture that would otherwise be carried inside on the soles of someone’s shoes. A Coral Classic entrance floor offers you:

  • Maximum moisture absorption and effective dirt removal
  • A wide choice of attractive and practical colours
  • Coral Classic is available in both sheet and tile formats
  • Complies with BCA C1.10 Fire requirements
  • Suitable for heavy contract use:wear class 33
  • Ideal for interior entrances and circulation areas

Thickness    9 mm
Length Width    27.5 m x 205 cm
Pile height    7 mm


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4701 anthracite
4721 mousegrey
4727 navyblue
4730 ravenblack
4744 espresso
4750 warmblack
4751 silvergrey
4752 azure
4754 ocher
4756 bronzetone
4764 taupe
4766 spicebrown