Eternal Colour

From bold solid colours, to subtle colour gradients that run the full width of the roll, Eternal Colour offers an inspiring choice of colour and design.

Thickness        2 mm
Wearlayer thickness    0.7 mm
Length Width        25 m x 200 cm

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
40252 mercurypalette
40292 charcoalpalette
40322 smokepalette
41002 snowcontrast
41252 mercurycontrast
41292 charcoalcontrast
41322 smokecontrast
43132 tendersparkle
43172 cream sparkle
43212 mouse sparkle
43232 night sparkle
43292 charcoal sparkle
43382 carbon sparkle
43432 espresso sparkle
43482 dragon sparkle
43492 red sparkle