Eternal Wood

Eternal Wood offers a wide choice, with 20 items ranging across traditional and authentic designs to modern and abstract woods in various plank size designs.
Traditional woods – a range of realistic colours with smooth graining and medium width board designs.
Authentic woods – features natural characters such as Oak and Pine, with medium to wide plank designs.
Contemporary woods – modern appearance in fresh light and intense dark colours.
Abstract woods – designs which reflect modern trends.

All products within the Eternal Wood range have a 0.7 transparent wear layer and a PUR Pearl lacquered finish and the abstract wood designs create an all-over design without any grouts.

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
10232 dark walnut
10362 warm chestnut
10962 coal patchwood
10972 grey-blue patchwood
10982 original patchwood
11032 brushed timber
11042 real timber
11052 smoked timber
11162 tropical beech
11212 natural pine
11232 stone pine
11442 washed beech
11542 traditional oak
11632 light oak
11642 ceruse oak
11652 vintage oak
11912 whitewash oak
11952 steamed oak
11962 limed oak
12802 elegant oak
12832 natural oak
13112 white painted wood
13122 grey painted wood
13402 aged oak
13412 shadow oak
13422 black oak
13972 natural colorful oak
13982 blue colorful oak