Marmoleum Piano

Marmoleum Piano‘s two-tone speckle effect on an almost solid colour structure results in a harmonious look & feel that emphasises the natural and the sophisticated.

The collection is a diverse range of 20 colours including both bright and muted tones and neutral greys.

Thickness    2.5 mm
Length Width    32 m x 200 cm

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
3601 warm grey
3607 grey dusk
3613 almost darkness
3622 mellow yellow
3625 salsa red
3629 frosty grey
3630 angora
3631 otter
3632 sealion
3633 Pyrenean Lily
3634 meadow
3635 strawberry fields
3636 powder
3637 fox
3638 school red
3639 thistle
3640 Pacific blue
3641 eggshell