Marmoleum Striato

Marmoleum Striato‘s retro-yet-modern linear design adds an extra dimension to large, open spaces. By playing with colour and exploring the boundaries of a production process with a 150 year heritage, we created new designs and colour combinations.

The collection is available in 18 colours encompassing subtle monocromatics to bold and bright colour combinations.

Please call or send an enquiry here if you are interested in this range.


You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
3573 trace of nature
3575 white cliffs
3576 sliding glacier
3577 petrified wood
5213 waving wheat
5216 Pacific beaches
5217 withered prairie
5218 Welsh moor
5221 colour stream
5222 mangrove roots
5223 Grand Canyon
5224 layered rock
5225 compressed time
5226 grey granite
5227 water colour
5228 hidden colours
5229 fresh walnut
5230 white wash