Novilon Prima

Novilon Prima

Novilon Prima provides traditional and practical designs that are backed by the longest warranties for peace of mind. Novilon Prima will stay looking good for years to come along with the advantages of NoviClean maintenance couldn’t be easier.

Thickness: 2.0mm, Wearlayer: 0.20mm, Widths: 3 & 4m, Sound Absorption: 14dB

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89074 steel
89075 steel
89076 steel
89077 steel
89131 limousin
89132 limousin
89148 canyon
89149 canyon
89164 harvest
89165 harvest
89169 harvest
89192 Dorsoduro
89279 tampere
89368 Virginia
89369 Virginia
89417 betula
89419 betula
89989 Lucca