Novilux Traffic Rock

Warmer than stone, but just as hard-wearing. Novilux Traffic Rock fulfils the highest quality demands. This cushion vinyl range takes up design-oriented surface trends of stone effects and ceramic tiles, yet with the advantages of tough and comfortable vinyl. Traffic Rock is an ergonomic, cost efficient and warm alternative to real tiled flooring and is available in a variety of designs and colours.

Thickness 3 mm
Length Width 25 m x 400 cm
25 m x 200 cm

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3123 31232 oviedo
3150 31502 concrete
3152 31522 concrete
3154 31542 concrete
3156 31562 concrete
3161 31612 serano
3180 31802 hormingon
3182 31822 hormingon
3183 31832 hormingon
3193 31932 adora
3194 31942 adora