Novilux Traffic Wood

Novilux Traffic Wood possesses very authentic wood optics and is especially used to create a comfortable working and living atmosphere. The range captures the trend towards wider planks and luxurious designs in natural colours and the most realistic grain effects.

Our Traffic Wood floors guarantee high comfort and, with its LDF-foam backing, delivers good impact sound reduction to keep noise pollution in any setting to a minimum. In addition, Forbo’s special Aquagrip surface finish provides R10 slip resistance, providing peace of mind about safety underfoot in areas where spills and splashes may occur.

Thickness 3 mm
Length Width 25 m x 400 cm
25 m x 200 cm

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

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3022 30222 grobus
3024 30242 grobus
3035 30352 sommerset
3037 30372 sommerset
3075 30752 canyon
3077 30772 canyon
3082 30822 oscuro
3083 30832 oscuro
3099 30992 nussbaum
3233 32332 limousin
3235 32352 limousin
3276 32762 limbo
3337 33372 Pamplona
3392 33922 Texas
3396 33962 Texas