Unexpected Nature

Inspiration to create something unique. Consisting of 9 striped designs and 9 marbled designs, the Unexpected Nature of linoleum collection helps architects and designers to realise every client’s dream the creation of a unique space.

Drawing on nature’s more unusual colours and colour combinations, the result is a floor covering collection that is as surprising and as natural as the places that inspired it.

Thickness 2.5 mm
Length Width 32 m x 200 cm

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
3560 cherry snow
3561 vibrating copper
3562 cosmic red
3563 frozen autumn
3564 glistening ochre
3565 shifting earth
3566 silent sulphur
3567 rustling leaves
3568 delta lace
3569 ice rain
3570 stormy weather
3571 hide in the forest.
3572 morning glory
3573 trace of nature
3574 muddy flow
3575 white cliffs
3576 sliding glacier
3577 petrified wood