Creation 30

Ideal choice for low traffic and semi-contract areas
Commercial flooring – LVT

  • Adapted to light traffic (housing) with 0,3 wear layer
  • Beveled edges for more realism
  • Various designs (40) and sizes (6) in tiles & planks
  • PUR+ treatment for easy cleaning
  • 100% recyclable, REACH compliant

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You can specify a colour by selecting one before sending your enquiry.

Clear selection
Mineral Carrate
Mineral NorvegianSlate
Mineral RusticOak
Mineral Silve City
Mineral Soprano
Mineral Staccato
Wood AlamoAsh
Wood AlamoSand
Wood Amador
Wood Arena
Wood Ballerina
Wood Bamba
Wood Bebop
Wood Boogie
Wood BossaNova
Wood BreakDance
Wood Buffalo
Wood Calypso
Wood Cambridge
Wood Charleston
Wood Country
Wood Cumbia
Wood Flamenco
Wood Folk
Wood HoneyOak
Wood Jazz
Wood Madison
Wood Mazurka
Wood Milonga
Wood Morris
Wood NorthWood
Wood Oxford
Wood PashminaCloud
Wood PashminaStorm
Wood PasoDoble
Wood Pavane
Wood Quartet
Wood RoyalOakCoffee
Wood RoyalOakGold
Wood Rumba
Wood Samba
Wood Sirtaki
Wood Swing
Wood Tamoure
Wood Tango
Wood Tempo
Wood TimberCamel
Wood TimberRust
Wood Troika
Wood Twist