Taralay Impression Compact

  • High realism of wood through emboss and larger planks
  • All Taralay Impression compact references are available in comfort version
  • Protecsol® Surface Treatment (easy maintenance & no wax)
  • Suitable for high traffic areas (0.7 mm wear layer thickness)
  • Indoor air quality: Highest performance in TVOC emission < 70 μg / m3
  • EcoSpecifier GreenTag Level A certified

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Blade Clear
Cemento Bari
Cemento Brescia
Cemento Capri
Cemento Genova
Cemento Modena
Cemento Parma
Cubist Black
Cubist Grey
Cubist Taupe
Cubist White
Diversion Argile
Diversion Atlantique
Diversion Bordeaux
Diversion Clementine
Diversion Grenade
Diversion Ivoire
Diversion Kiwi