Taralay Premium Compact

  • Wear layer > 1 mm, with NO filler for an outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance => Extreme traffic resistance
  • Glass fibre grid => Durable two-dimensional stability
  • Protecsol® 2 surface treatment => Easy maintenance and matte effect
  • Design within the whole thickness of the wearlayer => Durable and bright colours
  • TVOC after 28 days < 100 µg/m3 => Indoor air quality
  • GreenTag Level A certified by Ecospecifier

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Brazilia Almerim
Brazilia Amazonas
Brazilia Bacabal
Brazilia Boa Vista
Brazilia Campinas
Brazilia Ceara
Brazilia Copacabana
Brazilia Estancia
Brazilia Goias
Brazilia Ipanema
Brazilia Juara
Brazilia Maceio
Brazilia Mato Grosso
Brazilia Paraiba
Brazilia Recife
Brazilia Sao Luis
Brazilia Sombra
Costa Rica Ara
Costa Rica Balsa
Costa Rica Caballo
Costa Rica Jaguar
Costa Rica Meseta
Costa Rica Nublo
Costa Rica Talamanca
Costa Rica Volcan
Fusion Cotopaxi
Fusion Kamchatka
Fusion Lanzarote
Fusion Lopevi
Fusion Vesuvio
Indiana Agalega
Indiana Aldabra
Indiana Anambas
Indiana Baduna
Indiana Felidu
Indiana Guinea
Indiana Lasia
Indiana Madura
Indiana Mahe
Indiana Manua
Indiana Masirah
Indiana Moheli
Indiana Nauru
Indiana Nicobar
Indiana Ofu
Indiana Pago
Indiana Pemba
Indiana Penang
Indiana Rodrigues
Indiana Samui
Indiana Socotra
Indiana Songo
Indiana Sumbawa
Indiana Tao
Indiana Tokelau
Indiana Tufoa
Indiana Wattaru
Indiana Zanzibar
Metallica Atlas
Metallica Celeste
Metallica Cosmic
Metallica Energy
Metallica Himalia
Metallica Meteorite
Metallica Moon
Metallica Pulsar
Metallica Tethys
Osmoz Alpaga
Osmoz Angora
Osmoz Atlantic Blue
Osmoz Bambaoo
Osmoz Cashmere Grey
Osmoz Cocoa
Osmoz Elefant
Osmoz Golden Sunset
Osmoz Greige
Osmoz Ivory
Osmoz Mandarin
Osmoz Raphia
Osmoz Rose Shocking
Osmoz Scarlet Red
Osmoz Slate Grey
Osmoz Storm Grey