Solution for stairs
Commercial flooring – Stairs

  • 70% contrast on stair-nosing
  • Group T => excellent wear resistance
  • Complete solution for stairs compliant with ‘access for all’ requirements
  • 14 colors matching our Taralay ranges
  • 100% recylable and TVOC after 28 days < 100µg/m3 => indoor air quality

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Color Carbone Bamboo
Color Carbone Jaune
Color Gris Clair Indigo
Color Gris Clair Mandarine
Color Gris Clair Vermillon
Natural Beige Clair Brun
Natural Brun Beige
Natural Carbone Gris Clair
Natural Gris Clair Carbone
Natural Gris Noir
Wood Chamois Marron
Wood Noisette Beige
Wood Taupe Gris Clair