Expona Control PUR


  • Expona Control PUR provides sustainable wet slip resistance, assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product
  • Reinforced with Polyflor PUR for ongoing maintenance savings
  • A design-led collection of popular and well-specified wood and tile effects, suited to heavy commercial interiors

Use Areas

Expona Control is developed for use in public areas within the retail, office, hospitality, healthcare and education sectors, where there is a risk of spillage or temporary surface water, making slip resistance an important consideration.


  • 2.5mm Gauge
  • 0.7mm Wear Layer
  • 14 Shades

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Clear selection
American Oak 6500
Blond Country Plank 6501
Cambrian Stone 7507
Classic Limestone 7501
Classic Oak 6503
Classic Yorkstone 7502
Light Elm 6506
Nut Tree 6502
Portland Stone 7500
Roman Limestone 7506
Smoked Limestone 7503
Warm Grey Concrete 7504
Weathered Country Plank 6504
White Oak 6505