Pearlazzo PUR

Pearlazzon PUR

* Homogeneous BRE Global A+ rating in the Geen Guide to Specifications*
* Attractive, high performance, heavy duty homogeneous floorcovering
* Achieves highest wear rating Group T tested to EN660 Part 2
* Polyurethane reinforcement to facilitate a low-cost, lifetime polish-free maintenance regime
* Multi-flake decoration in contemporary colourways available in sheet!open&family=hom&prodcode=FXSC205

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9701 Wild Flax
9702 Lemon Ice
9703 Chalk Burst
9704 Mineral
9705 charcoal
9706 Mint Crisp
9707 Satin Jade
9708 Alpine Meadow
9709 skylight
9710 seafoam
9711 Atlantic Mist
9712 Sandcastle
9713 Truffle
9715 Lilac Bloom
9716 Toasted Almond
9717 Autumn Fire
9718 Rain Cloud
9719 Sailcloth
9720 Ocean Ripple
9721 Sunrise