Aquarelle Wall HFS

Waterproof installation, ideal for wet commercial applications
Unique concept: walls, floors, borders and accessories available (compatible with Granit Multisafe)
3 colour atmospheres designed for well being
Fire resistant: Bs2 d0
Hygienic and easy to maintain

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Beige 3942055
Blue 3942046
Blue 3942057
BlueGreen 3942045
Chocolate 3942039
DarkRed 3942049
Green 3942047
Grey 3942033
Grey 3942051
LightBeige 3942031
LightBeige 3942054
LightGrey 3942043
LightGrey 3942050
LightWarmGrey 3942040
LightWarmGrey 3942052
Orange 3942048
WarmBeige 3942038
WarmGrey 3942041
WarmGrey 3942053
White 3942034