Granit Multisafe

Safety is always an important issue in commercial premises where many people spend long periods every day.
In wet areas, safety is crucial for both staff and visitors.
Granit Multisafe is a special flooring for wet areas, designed for better safety underfoot. The flooring’s construction provides a good grip for feet even when the floor is slippery with soap and water. The dense, impermeable surface and the well-rounded studs means Granit Multisafe is hygienic and easy to clean. It is recommended for barefoot areas only.
Granit Multisafe is colour coordinated with Aquarelle Wall HFS for a perfect watertight wetroom installation.Granit Multisafe is available with multi colour welding rods for a perfect seamless finish. Granit Multisafe is also coordinated with the extended Granit family of specialist flooring iQ Granit 62 colour core range, iQ Granit acoustic, iQ Granit SD, iQ Toro SC and Granit Safe.T for high level underfoot safety.

  • Waterproof installation, ideal for wet commercial applications
  • Studded surface for excellent slip resistance
  • Colour coordinated with Aquarelle Wall HFS and iQ Granit extended family
  • Part of Tarkett’s wetroom system with all necessary accessories
  • Hygienic and easy to maintain
  • 16 exciting colours
  • Fire resistance Bfl s1
  • CLASS C: highest level of slip resistance on the market
  • Available in 25 rm x 2 m 2 mm thick + 0.5 mm studs
  • Abrasion group T
  • 100 recyclable with a 10 year guarantee

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