ID Inspiration Loose Lay

iD Inspiration Loose-lay is up to three times faster to install than other modular vinyl solutions(1), making it ideal for small or occupied surfaces, or environments requiring fast installation. It even makes overnight renovation possible. It requires no or little subfloor preparation, as it absorbs uneven patches, and no glue(2) for installation. Material and labour costs are therefore reduced. iD Inspiration Loose-Lay’s anti-skid backing is unique. Its patented herringbone design and pattern ensures strong plank adherence and stability. When compared to other loose-lay solutions on the market, iD Inspiration Loose-lay scores as the best performer with 2.5 times higher adherence than its competitors(3).This solution is totally dimensionally stable, and as durable and reliable as a glue-down flooring. You can very easily remove iD Inspiration Loose-lay with no damage to the product or the subfloor, making future renovations easier, quicker and cheaper. You can also reuse it. If a plank or tile is damaged it can be very quickly and easily replaced.

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