Safetred Spectrum

A vibrant colour palette to suit any environment
Safetred Spectrum is a heavy traffic vinyl flooring ideal for applications where both slip resistance, attractive design and ease of maintenance are key considerations.
Available in vibrant colours, enhanced by complementary coloured chips and silicon carbide particles, Safetred Spectrum provides an attractive design solution with excellent slip resistance for areas such as bars, changing rooms, and workshops.

  • Heterogeneous floorcovering
  • R11 slip resistance
  • Attractive, modern design
  • Safety Clean XP PUR reinforced surface for easy maintenance
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Sustainable slip resistance throughout product life
  • Product backing made from recycled flooring: reduced environmental impact

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Clear selection
Beige 3819715
Black 3819795
Blue Grey 3819755
Dark Grey 3819710
Deep Blue 3819750
Light Green 3819730
Light Grey 3819700
Mid Grey 3819705
Olive Green 3819740