Xm3 SuedeX carpet tile has a textured elegance uncommon in ordinary modular carpet. Bright combinations of colour with linear graphic design make up this luxurious cut and loop pile carpet tile range.

Xm3 SuedeX carpet tile is made with superior grade solution dyed nylon yarn.

Xm3 SuedeX carpet tile has an element of sophistication that will add value to your commercial investment. Your carpet tile comes with an Commercial Extra Heavy Duty use rating, ensuring your carpet tile will retain its good looks for many years.

Size: 50cm * 50cm

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Almond 009
Ashridge 008
Brocade 007
Carmine 011
Corduroy 010
Currant 001
Ferris 006
Indigo 005
Satin 004
Sienna 003
Stirling 012