CP Series

Flush and Surface Mount Expansion Joint Covers

The CP Expansion Joint System incorporates a plate and seal design to provide a low profile, foot safe and watertight construction joint cover solution. This system utilizes proven compression seal methodology and improves on traditional systems by incorporating a mechanically fixed side plate locking strip. The aluminium side plates reduce the seal footprint, eliminates concrete spalling and retains the seal. The system is quieter, has no moving mechanical components and can incorporate a secondary waterproof seal for critical areas such as those above tenancies.

Ideal for environments such as:

  • Multi-level or roof top parking decks
  • Emergency and Service vehicle areas
  • Footpaths





  • Load Rating AS1170.1 Retail Areas
  • Type F light road vehicle to, 2.5t, 13kN over 10000mm2
  • Type G road vehicle to 10t, 31 kN over 25000mm2
  • SantopreneTM (TPV) Seal material
  • Quiet transition.
  • UV Stable
  • Foot safe for pedestrian traffic. Surface compliant to Aust Standards AS/NZS 4586 and 4663. Categorized as a “Vâ€

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