SPA Series

Innovative solutions for Car parks, Footpath, Pedestrian & Service vehicle areas

The SP expansion joint cover is a 2 piece cover plate system designed to provide a low profile, foot safe expansion joint cover.

This system is designed for environments such as:

  • Retail parking areas and multi level car parks
  • Indoor and outdoor public spaces
  • Pedestrian bridges & footpaths
  • Heavy and emergency vehicle service areas




  • High Load Rating AS1170.1
  • Type F light road vehicle to, 2.5t, 13kN over 10,000mm²
  • Type G road vehicle to, 10t, 31kN over 25,000mm²
  • Low profile & foot safe for pedestrian traffic. Hi-grip knurled surface compliant to Aust Standards AS/NZS 4586 and 4663. Categorized as a “Wâ€

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