ZealSeal 4000

For Bridge & Road Applications.

(For carpark, public space and architectural applications see Miska ZealSeal™ 2000 data sheet).
The Miska Zealseal™ System provides a waterproof, trafficable seal utilizing Zealcrete LV™ epoxy elastomeric concrete as the armor nosing to support the Zealseal™ expansion foam.



Key Advantages

  • Zealseal™ has a minimum controlled depth of 50mm giving a guaranteed bond line that is not subject to the diligence of the installer.
  • Zealseal™ has a operating system which is active across the full depth and width of the seal as opposed to the varying depths in some sealant systems.
  • Zealseal™ has a homogeneous uniform structure and maintains its shape irrespective of the width or its position in the movement range.
  • Zealseal™ is nitrogen blown and therefore is chemically inert providing higher heat resistance and UV stability than EVA chemically formed products.

Key Features

  • Capacity for 60% compression (percentages based on initial seal width selection)
  • Capacity for 100% horizontal and vertical shear
  • Whilst Zealseal has a capacity for 30% tension, this “must notâ€

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