Duralast Industrial

Duralast recycled rubber matting offers the end user significant cost savings over virgin rubber matting.  From horse floats to automotive uses the Duralast range of thicknesses will cover every application.
Duralast is manufactured in 1.2 metre wide X 10 lineal metre long rolls and is available in 800kg/m³ and 1000kg/m³ densities. The 800 [density] Series Duralast product is used in less extreme applications whilst the 1000 [density] Series Duralast is suitable for heavy use applications.
The following are examples of Duralast uses: All industrial and general rubber sheet applications, vibration dampening pads, acoustic control under concrete slabs, industrial flooring, truck, ute and horse float floors, load securement friction matting for pipes and sensitive freight, anti slip and anti fatigue matting, barbell flooring, mudflaps and ballast membranes to name a few.
Duralast 800 Series is permeable and 1000 Series is only slightly permeable being both made from polymerically bound recycled rubber. For applications requiring adhesion to the substrate we recommend Sikaflex polyurethane adhesives.

Thickness:      3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm
Length of roll:     10L/M Longer rolls are available on request
Width of roll:     1.2 m


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