Jazz is an innovative rubber flooring that replaces the traditional vinyl type flooring in commercial and domestic
applications. It offers great underfoot comfort, absorbs walking noise, has excellent non-slip properties and it
comes in a range of 12 standard colours, with custom colours available, to suit any interior design. Depending
on the colour blend, Jazz products are made in a range of compositions from 100% synthetic to 100%
recycled product. Jazz flooring is impervious once sealed with A1 Rubber approved sealer.
With GreenTag Certification, Jazz flooring is an environmentally friendly flooring option for designers and
specifiers who are environmentally conscious.

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Clear selection
Adagio 401
Antiquecork 410
Baroque 404
Cadenza 407
Fugue 405
Grandioso 402
Largo 409
Mezzo 412
Partita 411
Requiem 406
Stretto 408
Triad 403